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 Gasket Sigraflex select
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Gasket Sigraflex select

SIGRAFLEX SELECT is a graphite gasket comprising three graphite foils of various thicknesses and 0.05 mm thick stainless steel foils, as well as a stainless steel inner eyelet. This laminate is produced without adhesive and is impregnated to reduce leakage and to improve handling. SIGRAFLEX SELECT is designed for applications requiring TA Luft approval Applications For raised-face flanges meeting DIN EN 1514, DIN 2690 and ANSI For operating pressures from vacuum up to 100 bar For corrosive media Operating temperatures range from – 250 °C up to 450 °C depending on chemical resistance, and possibly to 550 °C after consulting the manufacturer. Life time might be limited by actual equipment temperatures and operating conditions. Please refer to our technical guidelines regarding thermal stability. Gaskets for the chemical, petrochemical and refinery industries Steam pipework in power generation plants Heat transfer oils and heating equipment Existing plants


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